Saturday, October 22

Panzer Pope

Now that the Papal incense dust has settled over the former Hitler Youth-turned-Pope, Benedict XVI, its time to have an honest, no spin, look at "God's Rotweiller".

Since 99.9 percent of "practicing" Catholics don't practice what the Pope preaches, why the continued acquiescence to such hypocrisy? Why would almost all Catholics still accept the symbolism of a Pope who is so vastly out of touch with reality: condoms, abortion, etc.

Almost all Catholics do not adhere to the notion that sex is only for procreation, or that orgasm has no place in the function of homosapien pair bonding.

Many Catholics also disregard the quaint edict that Priests shouldn't marry. The notion that human love can only be properly devotional by itself becoming incorporeal, unalloyed and unsullied by earthy, earthly love is absolute nonsense: there is room for both God and booty.

Even Hitler, the Pope's former Cub Scout leader, who ascetically pronounced "My bride is Germany", finally, in his last days, with the Russians knocking on the bunker door, married Eva Braun.

Will modernity ever knock on the bunker of Medieval Papal dogma?

Or will our "Panzer Pope", sitting coiled in his Vatican fortress, sealed off from workaday spiritual reality, continue to try and deploy non-existent dogmatic acceptance on the map of Catholicism?

It’s just like those phantom armies in a delusional Berlin bunker end game.

And it's time more Catholics knocked on his bunker door.

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