Wednesday, March 9

The Passion of the Krystal

I do not know of any other religious organization in the world that has been plagued with more accusations of pedophilia than has the Roman Catholic Church.

I also wonder how many AIDS deaths that the Pope has been indirectly responsible for by his condemnation of condoms? Some in the Church have even – outrageously -- compared the act of abortion to be analogous to the genocide of Jews in the 1940’s!

In this shrill context, I find the whole fixation some have with Gay Marriage (and being a “good Catholic”) to be both fatuous and irrelevant.

If the Catholic Church looked inward at its own duplicitous qualities and hoary denials about problems with some Priests -- centuries-old problems – then, perhaps, the nature/nurture argument might become more apparent with regard to homosexuality’s causation; or if, as some would have it, that homosexuality is merely behavioural, and not “nature”, then what element of the Church or its environment has conditioned the behaviour of these diddling Priests? Are the pews too hard, or not hard enough?

Homosexuality, of course, is not about pedophilia, but it is about an innate state of sexual orientation that, it could be argued, manifests in the Church due to opportunity and a victimizing availability.

I responded to these issues today (an oft repeated topic) on “The Michael Coren Show” on CTS Television -- to Michael’s great consternation. He hated me for my inflammatory honesty.

The fact is, not many people in predominately secular Canada care about the Catholic Church or its decrees.

I, for one, as a heterosexual male, am sick to death of the topic of Gays, and Gay marriage. Aren’t you? In am also tired of being put in the position of defending Gay marriage on talk shows and TV panels.

What do Gays or Catholics have to do with the price of eggs or oil?

Let God figure out the rest.