Saturday, October 30


Who will benefit from Osama's latest video?

Republicans point out that a disastrous Pentagon briefing regarding missing explosives in Iraq will now be forgotten; that a fabulous cock-up during a Bush rally in New Hampshire where the confetti cannon prematurely ejaculated--quite a metaphor for an adminisitration that has repeatedly gone off half-cocked--will also be hidden by Osama's shadow.

So, what of it? Democrats will say the video of the on-the-lamb Terror King just proves Bush didn't get his man.

On the other hand, easily spooked "Security Moms" in America might want to keep the devil they know and vote for Bush.

Like everything in this election, voters will be split.

Republican strategists will say that Osama doesn't want Bush elected. He mocks Bush! A vote against Osama is a vote for Bush!

Dems will show the obvious double-think: Osama knows that mocking Bush helps him. Osama is also voting for the devil he knows--George W. Bush.

Democrats are appropriately nervous about anything that might throw off their clear momentum. The "undecideds", it is commonly understood, usually break against the incumbent.

Is that the way it will be now? After Osama? Will they break for Bush?

I say Kerry. Why him?

Because Americans are divided on this too: unhappy about Osama being at large, but angry at Osama insulting their commander-in-chief, with some persuaded to vote for the very Bush Osama mocks.

Many others, alone in that voting booth, will acknowledge that while Bush is a man of action, his confetti cannon was aimed away from Osama on Iraq; and that yes, on 9/11, Bush really was reading a book about a talking goat to school kids.

It seems Osama and filmmaker Michael Moore both agree about the feckless fact of Bush's dithering on that fateful day.

Politics, indeed, makes for strange bedfellows.