Tuesday, July 13


The day will soon come when the Middle East will no longer be of geo-strategic importance.

The West will have weaned itself off of the industrial heroin that is oil, and will proceed to prioritize other precious resources--like water.

So, what will befall the muddle of the Middle East without the West?

What will the severance of the military-economic integration of the U.S. and Israel mean for American taxpayers and Israelis?

Peace, probably.

Surprised? Without the American occupation of an Arab state, and--as America's proxy--Israel's occupation of Palestine, there is, at least, a chance of peace.

Moreover, without the effect of suppression, there is greater moral credibility and authority for the West.

It's easy to talk about peace when you're an occupier, when you have all the cards. "Peace" is really code for compliance, acquiescence, submission--whether it's in Iraq, Vietnam, Palestine, or Chechnya. At least, that is how the have-nots in the military power game feel.

Self-determination has never been a reward for good behaviour. But does that mean suicide bombers should prey upon civilians? No. But that is the context. Far too often the term "terrorist" is employed to denigrate the substance of the other guy's political argument.

Without the West, without the American bail-out, Israel would have to form regional alliance patterns of its own.

There may be a India/Pakistan-like stand-off with Iran, but that will be the natural course of events in the region anyway.

Iran will get the bomb. No one will be able to stop that.

Ultimately, the best security for Israel is a secure and independent partner in Palestine.

Why? With the advent of portable nuclear weapons, all the fences and walls in the world can't stop the hate.

An oil-free world, with a regionally marginalized Middle East, will find its own balance, and with it, its own peace.

An absent American shadow will not be as dark as some in Israel fear. It may, in fact, be brighter.