Monday, May 10

The trophy pictures of abused Iraqi prisoners is nothing less than a P.R. Pearl Harbor. Not even the Nazis gloated like this in the death camps.

The current military culture, an accident waiting to happen, presents us with the fuck-up du jour for the Bush administration. All this comes courtesy of our man of the hour, Kaiser Rumsfeld.

This is the same man who brought the world, without even the pretense of anguish over human rights, Guantanamo Bay. Or, what Michael Ignatieff calls "the lesser of two evils". The entire Iraq war, really. We know that Rumsfeld planned this all along.

Rumsfeld's military culture said no to United Nations processes. He said no to the International Criminal Court. No to NATO involvement in Afghanistan. No to the State Department's post-war plan. No. No. No.

Well, well, Mr. "My Way"--it is time for the highway.

The troops in Iraq, without enough of them for the job, have no clear sense of mission. They don't know how long they'll be there. They're being told one thing by their higher-ups, and another thing on the ground.

Rumsfeld's culture is the same one that brought you the torture of Afghani prisoners by military intelligence officers, Egyptian intelligence, and Pakistani torture specialists.

Torture was conducted by these same foreigners (overseen by military intelligence). But, as time went on, the U.S. took over the whole role.

The real problem though is the big picture: Iraqis are not 9/11 terrorists.

I have no problem torturing Al-Qaeda if it'll help. But insurgents, resisting a white occupier, are not terrorists. They can be won over.

Indeed, that's the goal in Iraq. Providing your heart is in the right place and the rhetoric from above hasn't distorted your notion of why.

"Why are we there?," ask the Americans.

Freedom? Even soldiers don't buy the idea you fly to the Middle East and initiate an occupation in order to "free" people.

American soldiers are angry, scared, bored and powerless. So, the shit rolls downhill to prisoners and civilians.

But it comes from the top.