Monday, May 3

It appears that President Bush is camera shy.

For starters, he doesn't like to see photos of flag-draped coffins.

He also doesn't like to see trophy shots of Iraqi prisoners taken by leering, victory-intoxicated, compassionless American victors.

The prisoner shots, along with the Marines faux pas of running the Star and Stripes off Baghdad high places, dispels any notion of American altruism. It is what it is--however you wish to culturally repress it--a dirty war.

A dirty little imperialist war.

If you disagree with me, simply examine the Cheney-led lobby groups in the early-to-mid-'90s that promoted such a war as a means to approaching the region.

Iraq was a trumped-up occupation, fought in the acquiescent shadow of 9/11, to secure and project American influence in the region militarily. Period. Don't listen to any other bullshit.

If I hear one more clown use the rhetoric of "terrorism" in connection with Iraq, I'll scream.

There was no operational link with Al-Qaeda ... ever. Saddam wouldn't risk it. He's fixed, they are mercurial. Just think of a hippo and a cockroach.

Besides, Saddam was a sworn enemy of fundamentalists--just like our new friend, whom we didn't invade, and who WAS a state sponsor of terror, Muammar Gaddafi (more on him tomorrow).

Ah, you say, Saddam was sending cheques to the Al-Aqsa brigade of Yasser Arafat. Well, yessir, he was. And what Arab is not? The game is called "power balancing". They all play it. America also funds terror whenever it suits them to destabilize an adversary.

So, getting back to Bush and his chronic camera-shyness, what of the other pictures? Not the footage that reveals America's broad Freudian invasion slip, but the images of U.S. coffins coming home?

It's called war. It's something Bush personally knows nothing about. He wants that to remain his little secret.

Last summer, in response to the question of insurgency, Bush outrageously said: "Bring it on."

They did. And they are.

It's OK, as long as those who have to pay--the Iraqis and the U.S. troops--keep their photo albums hid.