Thursday, May 27


Just because the JFK murder is still highly suspect, and questions remain in the killings of RFK and Dr. King, it does not mean that all that follows from Princess Di to 9/11 is a further manifestation of an invisible, over-arching control lashing out.

Conspiracy freaks believe that all can be explained by an elite group--a focused, organized cabal of either Bilderbergers, Jews, Freemasons, the Royal Houses of Europe ... or all of them working in concert forming a "shadow government".

The questions--unformed--that come from the inarticulate masses here are: "What is the nature of historical process?", "What are the underlying forces that influence historical events?" and maybe "What is the role of the individual and the poorer classes in the shaping of society?"

Some people, already politically cynical, seem to have an enhanced sense of disenfranchisement from power centres due to the fact that more wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

To some extent, conspiracy freaks are railing against this displacement, expressing disdain at some mysterious incohate external--an external that seems to shut them out and marginalize their voice.

Conspiracy freaks trust nothing. They say it's all a lie. They point out that Watergate showed us how manipulative government can be.

I point out that Watergate was the high watermark of a free society uncovering the moral Machiavellian rot.

For the freaks, though--many whom have just not done enough good, old, fashioned book learnin'--ignorance is bliss.

There's nothing to learn, they say. It's simple. Those that ignore it are stupid, or part of the problem.

For my money, the takeover myth by unseen forces is really anti-Semitic code. And to soften the Jew-bashing, conspiracy buffs add WASP groups like the Freemasons and the Skull & Bones society to soften the blow. Oh, and let's not forget the Royal Houses Of Europe.

Ask one conspiracy freak about the year 1789 and you'll get a blank stare.

What bothers me is that the more I read, the more people I interview, the more Professors I consult, the more I know I need to know more.

I find that ignorant, uneducated, intellectually lazy or completely vacant types, people who don't even know history, international relations, or the right questions to ask, who have never set foot in a lecture hall in their lives, know better--indeed, they know it all.

Theirs is an all-encompassing theory of control by elites that explains everything. Where there are no accidents, no revolutionary convulsions, no lack of certainty, it's all predictable. Where everything has order and is ordered. Pre-ordained, even.

It is comforting to them that there is never chaos, that they are excused by events for which they have no relationship or influence; that everything has a direct source, an organized explanation; that the world unfolds like a movie, and all they have to do is watch.

For the conspiracy freaks, the world is not them.

Please excuse me now while I find my Masonic Temple ring and go see some Jews for a meeting.