Thursday, May 13


Today's dust storm in Iraq was nothing but the rotor blades of Donald Rumsfeld's chopper.

Squinting, he spoke of "lining up to come to America". Translation: "Don't complain, or say anything negative about Uncle Sam."

The prospect of people lining up to land in America is not the point. It never was. No one was condemning America.

Defeating absolutist condemnation that never existed in the first place, in terms of public discourse, does not defeat the justifiable criticism of people and policy.

No one said America wasn't a great place. They said the military policing of Iraq, and the prosecution of the post-war establishment, is what's fucked. There is much on-the-ground disdain toward the very people America were supposed to be "freeing".

How about some true altruism? If you want to really blow up the argument that they're in Iraq for the sake of democracy, just ask yourself how much better the Iraqis would be if each one had direct investment by the U.S. instead of paying for the war?

That'd mean five million dollars for each Iraqi, instead of having to deal with scowling, armed overlords kicking their doors in. Just imagine what that money could do.

But it won't happen because it's all about control, not a better life for Iraqis.

In the comments to the post below, some dummy said that I was just being "biased".

Well, I don't care much for born-again Christians in politics. Nor do I care much for bogus wars, and blown budgets.

But is that great gay-loving progressive Pat Buchanan just a liberal too?

That's right, a conservative flag-licker like Buchanan agrees with me on the Iraq issue.


Who's biased here? When divergent political perspectives converge on a point, it must mean something.

(Buchanan will be on Krystal@6 next Wednesday, May 19. Check out his column, A time for truth.)