Wednesday, April 21

Tie Domi melted down last night following the Leaf playoff victory over the Sens. In the dressing room, Domi became hysterical when a reporter asked him to comment on his brother, Dash Domi, and the the computer leasing scandal that currently rages around both himself and Tom Jakobek.

Domi recently signed an affidavit attesting that he received $25k from his brother--and that it didn't go to Jakobek, who had hired Dash. But he reporter's question made Domi literally go off the deep end pyschologically, resulting in many verbal "F-bombs" and frantic arm-waving. Toronto Star reporter Rosie DiManno even followed Tie into the showers to try and calm him down.

Other meltdowns last night included Sens owner Eugene Melnyk. The Sens dressing room was off-limits to reporters for an unusally long 20 minutes while Melnyk ranted and raged, throwing chairs around and banging on tables.

I spoke with the weasely Jacques Martin, should-be former coach of the Ottawa Prophylactics, and I asked him if he was yelling too. All I got was a cold stare.

By the way, Martin has effiminate hands and a limp hand-shake. How appropriate for a trap team proponent.

Gary Roberts looked pretty fresh after the game tonight and told me he was ready to go to Philly. I also spoke with Pat Quinn in his office and asked him to give me one word to describe the victory over the Bye-Bye Bytowners: "Goaltending", he said.