Sunday, April 25

Interesting that three recent insider books on the Bush regime (The Price of Loyalty, Against All Enemies, Plan Of Attack) all say the same thing: The Bush league stalked Saddam with the fervor of a jilted homoerotic lover.

All of these books are the product of respected sources: former Secretary of the Treasury (and Republican) Paul O'Neill; three-time counter-terror czar Richard Clarke (another disaffected Republican); and reporter and quasi-Bush sycophant Bob Woodward, who only gained Oval Office proximity due to his potential promise for brown-nosing.

Suprisingly, it's Woodward's Plan Of Attack that most shows Bush for the dummy rote idealogue that he is. The real author, of course, is everyone's favourite Cabinet Uncle Tom: Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Colin, whose unfortunate name draws allusions to the anatomical, is a foul fence-sitter; not buying into the WMD propaganda, but not being principled enough to stand up for his views and quit. Instead, our man Colin, was the bottom-ended patsy presenter for that horrific U.N. show-and-tell slide show debacle that had members rolling their eyes, and, embarrasingly, was all proven to be false afterwards. No WMD, just empty trucks, peasants, and sleepy Iraq army types.

But Powell wants it both ways--appearing to be a "team guy" while resenting the misguidedness that is Bush foreign policy.

"Post-9/11 foreign policy", indeed. I know nothing like it--it is pretty foreign. Neither does American history, really. In fact, the only person to get fired over 9/11's fallout--intelligence failure, policy failure, and the false predicate for war--was comedian Bill Maher.

Shoot first, and ask questions later, right? Well, the questions are coming now. "So ... do you feel lucky today, punk?"

They'll elect George W. Bush all over again, though. Most Americans can't admit that they're wrong until years later.

Say hi to Ho Chi Minh for me on the way down.