Tuesday, April 27

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry is self-destructing. Quietly ... without flourish or flame.

Instead of saying what he thinks and believes, Kerry plays the pollls: The public supports the Iraq war (sort of), so Kerry does (sort of).

A least the ranting man Howard Dean stood his ground. He said Iraq was a bullshit war, fought upon fallacious foundations. He also discussed the Project For A New American Century, the think-tank comprised of many current Bushies: Wolfowitz, Cheney, Perle, etc. Years before 9/11, that gang was extolling the virtues of occupying Iraq and instituting a puppet government, and reformation of the Middle East with "democracy".

Kerry talks about process: He says he would've done Iraq "differently". What the hell does that mean? He would've "internationalized it", he says. Well, the U.N., if given the chance, would not have found evidence for an invasion.

So, what then?

Kerry also refuses to get into a negative attack ad contest with Bush. But, by refusing to speak his mind on Iraq, Kerry commits a worse error than negativity: a lack of soul and purpose.

Bush has soul. Even if he's wrong, you know what he believes in. Bush has soul. He's sold it. But, at least we know where it went.